A Cult? (IBTR #50)

It may be the worst label of all. It is the first word that comes to mind for one severely hurt in religious circles and the last one anyone wants to hear hurled at them. While many in the Independent Baptist world are appalled at any hints of cultish behavior, others in it deserve no less than to be called members of a cult.

I suppose cultish behavior is more easily spotted from a distance. There is, apparently, a blinding effect when you are in the middle of it. Looking over into some other group you would say they are whacky, but if you are in it you often feel these abnormalities obvious to everyone but your group are the very essence of Christianity.

May I suggest a few alarming signs that you might want to consider in determining where you are today?

1. An only-we-are-right mentality

It is our obligation to attempt to understand our Lord’s heart as shared in His Word on all important matters, but this mentality is much more than that. We are right because we are the right group. When that subtle line is crossed it is often accompanied by intellectual suicide and a replacement of God’s voice by political pronouncements. You should study God’s Word until you feel confident about your position, but the day you are right because you line up so well with some group is the day you betrayed Christianity (and Christ) and started grazing in cultish pastures.

2. Your group turns inward and becomes closed minded to any discussion

Perhaps you could make a biblical argument for fencing out sin, but fencing in your own people as if they were both too stupid and too unspiritual to be trusted to follow the Lord becomes the day you allowed cultish behavior to control you. Whether you are the fence builder or the one fenced in, you breathe cultish air.

3. Your allegiance is to a man or group

Christ is The Lord! I can hardly believe more would ever need to be said on this subject, but many preachers rise up and usurp the loyalty that should only be Christ’s. I mean only He purchased it with His Own blood! How many times can a phone call from some big-shot preacher totally alter the course someone is on. This is the one thing that grows until we have someone like Jim Jones leading a whole group to drink the poison-laced Koolaid. That is a cult in full blown, and though it may not be this far, any transference of the Lordship of a Christ is putrid and evil.

4. The distinction between the law of God and the law of man is blurred

Cults thrive where men can say “Thus saith The Lord” when He actually did not and people can not even tell the difference. It becomes fertile soil for cultish errors to grow.

5. Man made rules start defining us

A holiness that springs from God’s clear Word is always positive, but a pseudo-holiness based on extra-biblical rules always corrupts. We had better check and see if what we vociferously proclaim actually can be found on the pages of the Bible. To be known as the group that doesn’t allow ____ may mean we are already a card-carrying member of a cult.

6. We overlook abusive behavior

There are things I have knowledge of (many email and Facebook messages by this 50th article) that are absurd and should be seen instantly as unacceptable and unchristian, yet they go on day after day. Some folks are chewed up and spit out on the ground, but the abusers just turn to a new victim without ever being held accountable.

7. Our Christianity doesn’t resemble Christ

There are many who would define for us exactly what Christianity ought to look like, but does it resemble what Jesus did those 3 1/2 years He ministered on this earth? If it doesn’t, I think you have your answer!

There may be other items that could be added to this list, and readers may very well add them in the comments section, but these seven alone would probably be enough to tell you if you have drifted into a cult.

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10 thoughts on “A Cult? (IBTR #50)

  1. I appreciate your articles that bring to light the errors we are seeing in the IFB churches. I recently saw the constitution of an IFB church that had many unbiblical stands. The one that stuck out was…church members may not associate with anyone who has left the church unless it is to bring them back to the church. My answer to that is ….chapter and verse! The doctrine of a brother walking disorderly is another thing. This constitution just stated leaving the church.
    We as Christians need to know what we believe and know how to support it scriptural!

    • I do not like a church requiring that members do not associate with those that leave the church. That makes it real hard on people that might have family leave.

      Now I personally will not hang out with or be close friends with somebody who leaves my church for a lesser (doctrinal) church or who just leaves church altogether. The Bible does say, “Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.” That is a personal thing though and not something that I expect everybody else to follow. It is amazing to see how many people fall that keep these types of friendships.

  2. Funny, I left my former church about a year ago because I felt as though it was very cultish. They had that, “We are the better than everyone else attitude” and made it known they would not associate with anyone of a different denomination or even didn’t believe exactly like them or have the same standards. You get around them and they have that attitude that they have reach full spiritual maturity. My family and I were totally shunned for leaving and when they were asked about us, they said we got out of church and were out of the will of God. We did not get out of church. We joined ourselves to a church that does not “ADD” to the word of God and definitely does not act like a pharisee. Since then, God has called me to the ministry and my family and I are moving closer to this church until God calls us out and moves us where ever he will. I believe a lot of great men have gotten caught up in trying to be like every one else and are very concerned about what every one else thinks and it has them scared to death to think for themselves. SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE! It is killing our curches. Thank you Pastor Reagan for sharing this. Maybe it will help start bringing a balance to out IFB churches.

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