Guns, Mass Killings, and an Article that Makes Sense of It

We live on the superficial edges of the debate about what conclusions we should draw for the increasingly common disasters like occurred in Las Vegas. Within  hours of the heartbreaking tragedy the discussion turned to guns. First, may God help the grieving people of that evil act!

Some of us have wondered about inconsistencies that have made their way around the web. Were there more shooters? Is information being held back? My conclusion? Who knows. I’ve heard good arguments both ways. My gut is that some things still don’t exactly add up, but I suspect we’ll never really know. I’m not in a place to get answers, and neither are any who read this. 

I’ve been thinking about this whole gun debate ( I’m for honoring the Second Ammendment, but only own old guns handed down to me–I could shoot an intruder, but couldn’t wage a small war). I am a student of history and know that all the atrocious dictatorships, especially of the Twentieth Century, took the guns away before they brutalized and slaughtered millions. I also know that a gun law could never stop someone who already intends to commit a more heinous crime. If I intended to break the law and mass kill people, would a gun law give me even a momentary pause?

On the other hand, I realize that when something terrible, and even senseless, happens, our first reaction is to do something. Unfortunately, human nature is more satisfied in doing something quickly that doing something helpful. Let’s all take a breath and remember there’s no easy answer or quick solution. Even worse, I assure you our problems are much too deep for the superficial, self-sustaining politicians of our day. 

I also know the citizens of our country are going to dismiss with a roll of their eyes my first solution: we need a major turning to God. We need Jesus Christ. Forgive my pessimism, but I suspect things will have to get worse–much worse–before it’s even considered. 

In the meanwhile, there’s some societal trends worth noting. I came across an article that’s so good I wish I had written it. It’s by a master of political writing, Peggy Noonan. I share it below. Don’t haggle over ever sentence, but interact with what she says. I hear truth in her words.

The article 
God bless!

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