The Expositor’s Bible Commentary (Rev. Ed.)-Volume 10, Luke-Acts

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Volume 10 of the Expositor’s Bible Commentary (EBC), Revised Edition, covering Luke, John, and Acts, contains some of the most highly rated volumes in the beloved series. Since these commentaries were so successful, the original authors were kept with one additional collaborator on Luke. If you’re familiar with this series, this volume uses the familiar, helpful format found in all the others.

Walter Liefeld was helped by David Pao in updating the commentary on Luke. Though it may not be as lengthy as some, it’s always been well received. The collaborative update only makes it more so. Some parts of the Introduction are not reworked while some other sections were and still others added. There’s still a fine discussion on literary genre, distinctive features, the unity of Luke and Acts, authorship, purpose (a new section explaining elements making up the theme), intended readership, literary characteristics, composition and methods of reading where various types of criticism are discussed, text, history, date, and a lengthy section on themes and theology. This is followed by a bibliography and outline before jumping into the commentary proper.

The commentary is well-written, full of insights, and since it avoids wordiness, it could qualify as an excellent choice for pastors. I’ve always enjoyed using the old edition and I’m glad to see the updating that even increases its value more.

You could always tell that Robert Mounce, who wrote the section on John, aimed at pastors. The Introduction, bibliography and outline make up a mere seven pages. He admits that he doesn’t write for scholars, though there is a scholarly awareness throughout. I imagine some pastors may prefer this style. The commentary is in no way shallow and will provide real help to the pastor or Bible student.

Richard Longenecker, who is a highly respected scholarly writer, updates his well-received work on Acts. Again, the Introduction is not greatly reworked, but is well thought out in this in-depth approach. He covers history of criticism, historical writing and antiquity, kerygma and history in Acts, purposes in writing, sources, narrative, speeches (always an important section in Acts), structure, date, author, and a discussion of the text. This is followed by a bibliography, outline, and map. His conclusions are conservative. The commentary is well done. I’ve used the old edition for several years and am happy to see this update extending the life of this quality work.

This volume covering Luke – Acts is a bargain. It’s one of the best volumes in a set worth having. You would be wise to secure this volume for your library without delay.

I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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