The Lesson Of The Fog

I fell for it. Come to think of it, I have quite the bad record on that score. It was a dreary morning as I drove the curvy Tennessee roads early the other day. The fog hung heavy all around and it was as particularly dreary as I remember in a long time. Strangely enough, the physical conditions matched my disposition. It was as gloomy inside my head as it was out beyond my windshield. The day had no potential on any level. Every mile seemed more dreary than the one before. Funny to have in nature a metaphor of what was inside of me.

The worst part was how hopeless it seemed. The day was bad and that was that–don’t even think it could be salvaged. Sometimes life can look the same way. Have you ever had a day like that? Life ever seemed that way too?

Then I had a shock. I drove around a curve , and presto, the fog gave way to a burst of sunshine! The sky was that vivid blue of fall and the trees and fields were all that Tennessee is known for. It couldn’t have any more beautiful and gloom ran away like a frightened child. As I was thinking “wow”, it seemed an elbow nudged me.

Then it hit me like a flash of lightening. I hadn’t heard the weather forecast and the day was actually to be a gorgeous one. It wasn’t that it was dreary and now it wasn’t. That wasn’t the lesson at all, though we often think that is the best we can hope for. Actually, it was a great day and it was just obscured from me. The day was wonderful, the sun was shining, and the outlook was really perfect. It was true and a little fog robbed me of it.

Such is life, at least for one born into the family of God. There is fog no doubt. Plenty of it. The sun, though, shines on! My life has its fog, but that gloom is not the reality for me. The sun will burn the fog; the sun will defeat the fog; the sun will win! Fog can hide but it can’t change reality as it simply isn’t that powerful. For me there is Christ, Heaven, and forever! That is my reality and that is the lesson of the fog!


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