Wild At Heart– A Modern Classic

Here is an influential book by John Eldredge that no new book for men can fail to take into account. I am sad that I am only now reading this book that has helped so many men. Having read other later books for men I see the fingerprints of this volume all over them. That surely defines a classic.

He goes after “discovering the secret of a man’s soul.” He argues that we have been moved away from what God wants us to be, or what a man really is. We have been emasculated, turned into something not masculine at all. He, then, sees the irony of people, particularly women, asking where have all the men gone. We are bored and have our God-given desire demolished.

He says men must have a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue. Not just any battle as “God has a battle to fight, and the battle is for our freedom.” As for adventure, “God is a person who takes risk”‘ and love is the ultimate risk. As for the beauty, “Eve embodies the beauty and the mystery and the tender vulnerability of God.”

He gives incredible insight. He says, “Men are angry, and we really don’t know why.” He speaks of our underlying fears. What is our deepest fear? He says it’s “…to be exposed, to be found out, to be discovered an imposter, and not really a man.” He says every man feels this and I expect he is right. We find it easy, he says, to turn into posers. It is not that women don’t have some of these issues (read his perceptive comments on Eve and helpmeet and her issues, but he is on the trail of men. He wants us to drop the fig leaf!

This book could be a crises! We may have left the real battle and lost the desire for adventure. That makes us unfulfilled. Even if we are married, we may have failed to win the beauty. Still, he counsels us on how to go forward.

He reaches men’s hearts when he said “Choose the path of humility; don’t be a self-promoter, a glad-hander, a poser. Climb down the ladder….” He went on to say “The world of posers is shaken by a real man. They’ll do whatever it takes to get you back in line–threaten you, bribe you, seduce you, undermine you. They crucified Jesus. But it didn’t work, did it?”

There is so much more. Every man should read it!


8 thoughts on “Wild At Heart– A Modern Classic

  1. Another good book by Eldredge – “Fathered By God – learning what your dad could never teach you.” I have just started it and it has been very thought-provoking. It helps explain a lot of things in my own life.

  2. Brother Reagan, I would like to start off by saying that I agree with many of the things you say in your blog. Quite frankly I am actually very thankful for it. Your post on Dress was very helpful and insightful as well. I actually attend Crown College, where Scott Pauley is Vice President. Now, I have read Wild at Heart, and truthfully Eldridge makes A LOT of great points and answers several of them effectively. Would I recommend this book? No. Please take the time to read this review


    And let me know what you think.
    Thank you!

    • David, thanks for writing! I read the review you cited. I am glad for your thoughts and link to be in my comments section so folks can see another viewpoint.

      When I recommend a book I never am giving a blanket approval of everything said. I feel that no book could pass that test and I believe Christian readers are responsible with God’s help to develop discernment. Is the book inspiring, or thought provoking, is its approach generally Christian? These are things I look for.

      This book passes those tests well in my view. There are a few details that can’t pass intense scrutiny, but the overall premise is accurate. There is something different in a man’s heart, and if that weren’t enough to talk about, our society is denying it at every level and putting Christian in a perplexing situation. This volume is a at least a voice to that end.

      Please comment on this blog anytime. Glad to have your perspective!

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